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The region of Twente is the home of Hof te Boekelo Traditional Herefords. The herd contains three very rare female bloodlines.....

What we do

We breed Traditional Herefords that are able to grow and be very healthy on a diet of grass only and  they produce wonderful beef without being fed anything else. By carefully selecting the bulls we use we are able to improve our herd. Current stockbulls in use are Albany Leonardo (Sire: Hawcroft Taurus) and Albany O`Gara (Sire: Street Singer)

In our herd we have some very rare female bloodlines: The Gaudys by old Court, the Lovelys by Trusty and the Ladies by Conningsby 2nd. As the Lovely and Lady bloodlines are extinct elsewhere in the world, we are slowly building up numbers again, so the bloodlines will be safe for the future.

The fields are fertilised by using composted manure, ground seashells and clayminerals and by using EM (Effective Micro organisms) the soil is able to regain her balance again.